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The difference between the good and bad acrylic board and the simple identificat

Publication time:2017-09-29       Source of the article:本站

     Acrylic plate also have the difference betttween good and bad, at present,there are a lot of acrylic plate manufactured by recycled MMA monomer (returned plate) in the market which have Significant performance differences exist compared to the pure new.Because people do not know enough about recycled sheet and its low price, so that recycled acrylic board in the domestic still occupies a large market space.However, it can be predicted that with the gradual deepening of people's understanding of acrylic materials, the living space of recycled plates will become smaller and less.Here are some simple methods to distinguish the regeneration plate from the new material plate: * The appearance of the regenerative plate yellowing, especially obvious from the cross section * surface easy to scratch,there is the stimulation of odor when cutting * bubbles and deformation are easy to produced when thermoforming heating * sensitive to paint ink, prone to silver lines or cracks * black smoke and stimulating smell will appear when burning. We can easily distinguish the quality of acrylic board good and bad, to avoid some unnecessary losses through these simple identification methods.