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The application of acrylic in home

Publication time:2017-09-29       Source of the article:本站

   In recent years, a lot of new materials have poured into the home market , acrylic is one of them.Acrylic is the the English translation of "plexiglass" .It began to enter the Chinese market since the 90 's but it has been active in the field of outdoor advertising and outdoor decoration these 14-15 years,while it went into the field of interior design for a short time.Acrylic only began to promote in the home industry in recent time. The advantage of the new material acrylic is very obvious compared with the commonly used glass and ordinary plastic products.In Hengxin Acrylic Plate Qingdao manager Chen gang introduced that acrylic materials have good transmittance, strong resistance, good plasticity and other advantages.
   Acrylic transmittance is the best compared with ordinary plastic materials and transparent acrylic plate transmittance is even better than glass. The advantages of acrylic are more prominent compared with the traditional material of glass . Strong resistance is the most obvious . It is said that in some countries it has been clearly legislated that the window glass of children's places of activity is replaced by acrylic plate, precisely because of its strong resistance, not easy to break;Another advantage of acrylic compared to  glass is easy to process, it will become soft, plastic in 180 ℃ and when temperature cooling to room temperature it can be shaped. In addition, acrylic material density is smaller than glass, much lighter than the same volume material quality.

” Acrylic oxidation resistance is also relatively good, not easy to deform and discoloration.

These advantages make acrylic come into the home field which is widely used in furniture surface, bathtub, bookcase and other furniture products as well as wall and ceiling decoration. Compared with other materials, acrylic cost is slightly higher, but its color types, colors and hardness are higher than glass. In addition, acrylic plates for home furnishings will have different effects through built-in lights and external lights.External light source irradiation of acrylic decorative surface, there will be a better sense of light, and the built-in lights, will let acrylic plate presents a semi-transparent romantic visual effect. 

   At present, monochrome or transparent acrylic materials are more widely used in furniture veneer, or as furniture main material. For example, the bar, bar stool, coffee table, bathtub made of acrylic as the main material have the advantages of good finish, not easy to break .

and in home decoration with acrylic plate, people often add further design, such as the application of some modeling walls and ceilings and so on. In the field of interior decoration, acrylic plate is not only used in furniture production or furniture veneer, but also can be used in many aspects of home decoration. Famous designer Qu Zhaojun told reporters that acrylic plate permeability and plasticity and other advantages make it very suitable for the application of the family partition decoration.

    Acrylic plate is easy to cut and carve, and has many kinds of colors, which is often used in the living room, restaurants and other areas to do the engraved partition for looking very beautiful and its transparent characteristics will make the visual extension.

   The transmittance of acrylic is often used in light-related decoration, in addition to a number of lamps made of acrylic materials, people who like DIY  may wish to design their own various favorite appearance. Besides,  it can also be used creatively due to the new home decoration acrylic plate color, the effect of a wide range in the overall ceiling and wall.Acrylic can scatter the point light source and evenly distributed .the effect is very good if we base on the shape of the ceiling, local spread with different colors of acrylic plate and built-in point light source which is suitable for the wall of our family.   Decoration owners who like DIY can also create small frames and other decorations by using small pieces of acrylic plate.