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The advantages of the acrylic cupboard door panel

Publication time:2017-09-29       Source of the article:本站

Acrylic Door plate surface has two layers of composition, the upper layer using 1.0mm thick 100% pure acrylic materials, the first layer for imported color pulp made of 3D color film, the use of anti-fouling, wear-resistant American raw materials additives, the use of German vacuum coating technology made.

Acrylic door plate brightness is high, full color, strong sense of three-dimensional, high hardness, good toughness, can meet the different tastes of customers.

1. Excellent transparency

Acrylic cabinet Door Plate is colorless transparent plexiglass plate, transmittance reached more than 92%;

2. Excellent weatherability 

Acrylic cabinet door panels using anti-fouling, wear-resistant American DuPont chemical raw materials additives, the use of German vacuum coating technology made, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging. Adaptability to the natural environment is strong, and even for long periods of daylight exposure and wind and rain, there is no need to worry about performance changes.

3. Excellent comprehensive performance 

Acrylic door panels A wide variety, rich in color, with excellent comprehensive performance, for the design to provide a variety of options. Acrylic cabinet door panel surface can be dyed, spray paint, screen printing or vacuum coating can be, according to the owners ' preferences to customize the cabinet door panel style.

4. Easy to clean and manage

Acrylic cabinet Door Plate has a smooth surface, at the same time in the process to break the traditional edge, the use of T-type flat aluminum alloy edge technology, to ensure the beauty of the product, but also easy to clean and manage, very suitable for home life.

5. High safety performance 

Acrylic cabinet door panels in the fight to play more than the average glass stronger, more safe.

And compared with other material products, the life span is long. Acrylic cabinet door panels are non-toxic, even long-term contact with people is harmless, and burning does not produce toxic gases.