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The real application of acrylic materials in various major industries

Publication time:2017-09-29       Source of the article:本站

With acrylic materials in recent years popular in the market, more and more industries began to use acrylic products.

       Now let's take a look at some of the major industries involved in acrylic products. 1, acrylic products in the construction industry.

       In the construction industry, acrylic is mainly used in building lighting bodies, transparent roofs, roof, telephone booths, stairs and room wall background panels and so on;

       2, in the home decoration industry, acrylic mainly used in sanitary ware aspects including bathtub, washbasin, makeup table and other products. 3, the automotive industry.

      In recent years, the application of acrylic in expressway and high-grade road lighting lampshade and automobile lamps has also developed quite quickly.

      4, advertising industry applications, generally including acrylic advertising light box, street billboards, bulletin boards, telephone booths, bus platforms and other scenes have been widely used. 5, entertainment industry.

      Now high-end hotel KTV uses a large number of acrylic products, due to the particularity of acrylic material, acrylic light transmittance is very good, very high grade, acrylic wine rack, glass rack, paper towel box, door plate, billboard, goods box, fruit tray, game roulette, microphone rack and so on are very popular. 6, office space.

      Acrylic products here generally include acrylic data rack, bank data rack, business card box, work card, calendar rack, photo frame photo frame and so on. 7, shopping malls. Display racks are the most common. Mobile phone display frame, computer display frame, camera display frame, MP3 display frame, tablet display frame, cosmetic display frame, makeup display table, jewelry display table, shoe bag display frame, Aklic and so on.