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Customizing requirements for acrylic food display

Publication time:2017-09-29       Source of the article:本站

Choosing a high-quality food display frame allows customers to quickly focus on your product and then have the opportunity to get salespeople to make deals with customers. Acrylic food display frame often choose imported high-quality acrylic materials, according to product style customization.Of course, in the production of various types of professional food display frame, we will be based on customer demand, tailor-made, from materials, colors, dimensions, design drawings, production samples to acceptance, will provide one-stop service.

Acrylic food display frame will transfer good food information to consumers:

1, acrylic food display frame needs to compare the safety of food.

2, acrylic food display frame needs to be highly visible, can be all-round display of food, beautiful and durable.

3, acrylic food display frame needs to do a clear display area, so that food placed neatly, so that customers at a glance.

4, acrylic food display frame needs light stability, low heat, save electricity, reduce the harm to food.

5, acrylic food display frame production materials must be environmentally friendly to ensure food safety and the effectiveness of exhibits.